Best Trekking Poles for Hunting

Before you head out on your next hunting trip, you should consider purchasing a set of trekking poles. They can be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your balance and avoiding potentially serious accidents. In this article we will take a close look at some of the best trekking poles for hunting on the market.

Our top choice is the TrailBuddy Collapsible Trekking Poles, which features an easily adjustable design to match your height. These poles are also incredibly tough with an aircraft-grade aluminum construction. You can rely on them to provide you with superb overall performance on a consistent basis.

Before you decide on any poles in particular, we encourage you to learn about the following products.

How We Picked The Best Trekking Poles for Hunting

As we put together our best trekking poles for hunting list, there were a variety of factors that we considered. We looked for poles that are extremely tough and made to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. You’ll find that all of the poles on this list are corrosion resistant and can stand the test of time.

These poles are also designed for comfort and convenience. We specifically chose ones that are easy to store, transport, and use. They are lightweight and will allow you to move efficiently over a variety of terrain. You can use them for hours on end without any issues whatsoever.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Trekking Poles for Hunting 2023:

Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

TrailBuddy Collapsible Trekking Poles

Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Covacure Collapsible Trekking Poles


Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock Trekking Poles

The Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock Trekking Poles measure just 10.4 ounces each. They are uniquely lightweight and durable for a perfect balance.

We were very impressed with the tough aluminum construction of the shaft. It is definitely among the most solid trekking poles available on the market today. You can therefore trust that they will last a long time with little to no damage or wear.

These poles are designed to withstand a good amount of lateral pressure, even under a fairly heavy load. This makes them incredibly reliable for hiking, hunting, and other types of outdoor adventures.

You can adjust them within a range of 26 to 54 inches while you are walking. You’ll quickly find that this is definitely a convenience that will save you a little bit of time.

One of the reasons that we chose this product for our best trekking poles for hunting list is the ergonomic cork grip. It is specifically designed to minimize vibration for maximum comfort.

The EVA down grip will provide you with optimal stability and boasts an effective moisture-wicking design. It allows for natural hand placement, so it they never feel awkward at all. There is also a high grade rubber top that you can rest your hand on.

The carbide tips on these poles are well-suited to trekking in every season. Whether you are walking through the mud or snow, you can count on them for incredibly overall performance.

If you need new trekking poles for your next hunting trip, these ones have a lot to offer. They are amazingly sturdy, offer impressive stability, and are easy to store.


  • Comfortable ergonomic cork and EVA grips minimize vibration
  • Aluminum shaft is very tough and resistant to damage
  • Lightweight design makes them easy to carry across long distances
  • Quick Lock locking mechanism gives you unparalleled stability while trekking
  • Lower foam grip wicks moisture effectively
  • Specifically designed for trekking over all different types of terrain


  • Adjustment clamps are made of somewhat flimsy plastic material


Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are among the sturdiest you will find on the internet today. They weigh only 7.6 ounces each, so you won’t have a lot of extra weight to contend with. This allows you to move faster and retain more energy for hunting.

One of our favorite things about these trekking poles is their ergonomic grips. The top grip is made of durable cork material, while the lower one has a moisture-wicking EVA foam construction.

There are also neoprene hand straps with thick padding for additional comfort.

These poles feature a reliable and solid locking mechanism for total stability at all times. This will give you the confidence to traverse just about any terrain on your trips.

The retractable design of these poles is just one reason that they made our best trekking poles for hunting list. You can extend them from 24 to 55 inches. This makes them ideal for men and women of all different heights.

You should have no problem storing and transporting these poles. In fact, they are specifically designed for convenience. They feature flip locks for easy folding and unfolding.

Before you head out on your next hunting trip, we highly recommend taking a close look at these trekking poles. You’ll find that they offer exceptional durability with a truly unique overall design.


  • Impressive locking mechanism ensures total stability
  • Easy height adjustments to meet your needs no matter what
  • Cork and EVA foam grips offer tremendous comfort
  • Designed for easy and convenient storage and transportation
  • Aluminum construction is extremely solid as a whole
  • Significantly lighter than most other trekking poles on the market


  • Grips might not be incredibly comfortable for people with very large hands


TrailBuddy Collapsible Trekking Poles

The TrailBuddy Collapsible Trekking Poles have a remarkably solid aluminum construction. They are made to last through years of regular use on rugged terrain. This means that you can count on them to stand the test of time.

In addition to their amazing sturdiness, these poles are also very lightweight. They weigh significantly less than steel, which makes them easier to use.

You can adjust these poles from 24.5 to 54 inches, so finding the perfect height will not be a problem. Each pole measures just 53 centimeters when disassembled, or 62 centimeters when collapsed. This makes them very easy to transport in your backpack.

The lever locks they are equipped with ensure total stability. You can operate these locks with just one hand for added convenience.

There are thickly padded straps on each pole, as well as cork grips that are designed to wick moisture. This provides you with a high degree of comfort while you are out walking.

When you purchase these poles, you will also receive a number of interchangeable tips. They come with four rubber tips, two snow baskets, and two mud baskets.

These poles are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, including red, blue, pink, black, purple, green, and yellow. Their high quality construction and reliable design makes them some of the best trekking poles for hunting.


  • Features lever locks that are very easy to use
  • Adjustable design lets you choose from a variety of heights
  • Made of rugged and lightweight aluminum material that is damage resistant
  • Comes with a number of different interchangeable tips to meet your needs
  • Cork grip is very comfortable and absorbs moisture effectively
  • Amazingly easy to transport due to collapsible design


  • A few customers say that initial assembly was a bit frustrating


Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The Foxelli Trekking Poles have a remarkably tough carbon fiber construction with a shock absorbing design. This makes it easier than ever to traverse a variety of terrain in the wilderness.

These poles feature secure quick locks that allow for easy lengthening and shortening. You can extend them from 24 to 55 inches for the perfect height. These locks provide you with dependable stability at all times.

We especially like the cork grips on these poles, which are sturdy as well as absorbent. You won’t have to worry about them becoming slick with sweat as you are walking along. They are specifically designed to prevent slipping, so you will always maintain a firm grip. There are also EVA foam sleeves that are very comfortable to hold.

With a total weight of just 7.6 ounces, each of these poles is quite light. Their collapsible design allows for quick and convenient storage as well as transportation. This is definitely something that you will appreciate with each outing in the great outdoors.

The sheer versatility of this product is just one of the reasons it is worth considering as best trekking poles for hunting. They are perfect for all different conditions. You’ll find that these poles reduce impact on your joints while offering superb traction with every single step you take.


  • Made of impressively tough and long lasting carbon fiber material
  • Can be easily lengthened or shortened for an optimal height
  • Absorbent and comfortable cork material on top gives you a firm grip
  • Some of the most lightweight trekking poles available on the market
  • Specifically designed for improving traction while reducing pressure on joints
  • Quick lock system makes poles extremely stable and reliable as a whole


  • Grip design isn’t quite as ergonomic as some other poles


Covacure Collapsible Trekking Poles

The Covacure Collapsible Trekking Poles have an aluminum alloy construction that far surpasses many other poles on the market. The aircraft grade material is resistant to corrosion and will last a very long time with regular use.

They extend from 43 to 51 inches for a comfortable height. You can easily fold them up for storage in your backpack. It features a Fliplock mechanism that delivers a convenient collapsible design. You can extend these poles from 43 to 51 inches, so they are well-suited to just about everyone.

You’ll certainly appreciate the multiple interchangeable tips that these poles come with. There are a variety of attachments that can be used for different seasons and terrains. This basically guarantees that you get all of your needs met no matter what.

These poles have a foam grip that absorbs moisture and offers an incredibly comfortable yet firm grip. There are also adjustable wrist straps that you can use for added stability.

Whether you are walking uphill or on level ground, these poles have a lot to offer. They are designed for making long journeys easier on your body as a whole.

The amazingly tough and convenient design of this product is why we put it on our best trekking poles for hunting list. It will serve you well across virtually any terrain, and in a variety of weather conditions.


  • Comfortable and moisture-wicking foam handle offers an excellent grip
  • Features a Fliplock mechanism for easy folding and unfolding
  • Quick and convenient height adjustments from 43 to 51 inches
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction is corrosion resistant and very tough
  • Comes with a number of attachable tips for hiking in snow, mud, and more
  • Can be carried and transported quite easily with no hassle whatsoever


  • Grip design could use some improvement


Best Trekking Poles for Hunting Buying Guide

Best Trekking Poles for Hunting

As you set out to find the best trekking poles for hunting, there are a number of factors that you should consider. The following list of criteria will help you narrow down your options effectively.


One of the first things to consider when looking for the best trekking poles for hunting is their overall construction. We recommend buying poles that are made of aircraft-grade aluminum material. These poles are known for being remarkably durable and lightweight, so you get the best of both worlds.

You should also take a close look at carbon fiber poles, as they are also considerably sturdy. Both carbon and aluminum poles are corrosion resistant and will serve you well over the long term.

Many trekking poles feature a shock-absorbing design, which can be incredibly beneficial. This sort of design will help keep you comfortable and reduce the physical impact of walking on uneven terrain.


The very best trekking poles for hunting will definitely feature cork handles with an ergonomic design. These handles offer a firm grip with minimal moisture, so you can keep a firm hold on them.

You’ll find that a lot of these poles also have foam sleeves that are equally absorbent and comfortable to hold. This type of design will make it easier for you to get wherever you are going with ease and convenience.

It is very important to find poles with hand straps as well. This will provide you with a secure connection to them at all times no matter what. These straps should feature padding to prevent irritation or discomfort.

Height Adjustments

Make sure that you look for poles that can be adjusted within a fairly wide height range. We recommend models that are extendable from around 24 to 54 inches.

This will allow you to get the perfect height to match your needs. The right height will make all the difference when it comes to using your poles comfortably for long periods.

The fact is that being able to make quick and easy height adjustments on the fly is often important. This makes a world of difference when it comes to traversing certain terrain as easily as possible.


There’s no question that the very best trekking poles for hunting will have a versatile design. You should be able to use yours in a number of different conditions.

Many of these poles come with tips that can be attached/detached for walking in the snow, mud, and other terrain. The more versatile your trekking poles are, the more likely you will be to get your needs met. This way you will never struggle to walk anywhere on your hunting trips.


The overall stability of the poles you buy is something else that you will need to consider. We discovered that the best trekking poles for hunting feature a powerful and reliable mechanism to keep them locked in place. This prevents any unnecessary movement, so you can count on them at all times.


You should also consider the level of convenience that these poles offer so you can find the right ones. Look for poles that can be quickly and easily folded and unfolded.

This will really help with storage and transportaiton. You’ll want ones that you can put in your backpack when you aren’t using them. Make sure that you take a look at the measurements of each pole. You should find out the collapsed length so you’ll know if they will fit in your backpack.


Take the time to look at the total weight of each pole before making up your mind on anything in particular. You’ll want to buy poles that are relatively light and easy to carry/use. The ones you purchase shouldn’t weigh more than 10 ounces each.


As you try to find the best trekking poles for hunting, you should take a close look at each one’s design. We recommend purchasing poles that have a tough aluminum or carbon fiber construction.

They should also offer a comfortable grip, as well as an easily adjustable design. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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